IMG 5668 - Tasty House

Tasty House

Hello people! Another Saturday with wandabits.


So it’s noon, the stomachs are rumbling, hunger is kicking in and to crown it, the baby is sleeping.


What next? How do we crescent this day? How do I get rid of this emptiness in my stomach. So my wife and I have both been cooking all week and we’ve arrived at the weekend, sometimes you just need a different taste.


Alright it’s 14h00 time to head out. Fast forward (getting ready, catching the bus…actually waiting for the bus during the weekends is like waiting for Manchester United to score a goal…..get the picture?).


So we arrive at Port de Namur, baby in the stroller, husband (me) is pushing the stroller and what’s the wife doing ???? Leading the way…hahaha 😀 not complaining and then we arrive.


Now if you live in Belgium you’ll know that restaurants like KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) are nowhere to be found. My university days were a mirage coated in KFC, lectures then KFC then lectures, exams, then some more KFC. I have searched to taste something, anything coming close to this and ‘by George I think we’ve found it’. The name Tasty House located in  Chaussée de Wavre 62, 1050 Ixelles.

IMG 5670 - Tasty House
Tasty house


Man did I eat, I mean we :p. Now my wife is handling some pieces on one side, I’m devouring some on the other and the little one is handling a piece of her own. Now in my mind we were eating with as much decorum as we could foster but I’m pretty convinced to the on looker this might not have been the case. Wow I’m getting dizzy I need stop eating, but I can’t I’ve been deprived the taste of KFC for 2 years and now I…I..have found Kentucky’s brother Tasty House.

IMG 5680 - Tasty House
Tasty house

For the on looker you’d say yeah nothing much to see here but I assure you, the food being served in there is artistic. I’ve never been one to understand why people walk around during exhibitions pondering around various artworks but now I know why….I know why!!!

IMG 5689 1 - Tasty House
Tasty house


Are you looking for crispy, mouthwatering chicken served by friendly people?? Look no further than Tasty House. Notice how I can’t stop saying their name!!!!

new - Tasty House
Tasty house

Alas we must come to the reviews.  the location, the service, cleanliness of the restaurant and all round food taste we give their restaurant an 8.5.


Thank you beautiful people of Tasty House, you my friends have touched on beautiful memories.

IMG 5711 - Tasty House
Tasty house




Merci les gars!!!


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