IMG 5599 - L'Atelier (Vanderkindere)

L’Atelier (Vanderkindere)

What a beautiful Saturday out! Well, we had to start our day off by journeying to the post office. Although the queue was not where we wanted to find ourselves on a Saturday morning, it was not to be avoided.


Well the post is here, we got it. Now what? Still mumbling our words as a morning coffee was in order. Where to next? What next ? Food food food!!

We found a Patisserie L’Atelier around Avenue Brugmann in Uccle.  Are you looking for a pastry , bakery, pizza place, snacks, pasta, tea room , sandwich shop or a restaurant. They are all these and more.

IMG 5577 - L'Atelier (Vanderkindere)


Now this was exactly what we needed. We were met by a very kind and friendly waiter who was patient and ready to receive as well as serve us.

IMG 5580 - L'Atelier (Vanderkindere)

Straight to the orders (drum roll);


The husband :  1 x Masalto espresso, and 1 x Poulet grilé sandwich (grilled chicken).


The wife:  1 x Le Samba sandwich (guacamole, smoked filet, cheese, salad, tomatoes, and onions) and 1  x orange juice.


The baby : nibbles from all..

IMG 5588 - L'Atelier (Vanderkindere)

Now if you notice my coffee was already gone before the arrival of the orders….what can I say I really needed that coffeee!


The food was fresh, the service was wow.

The coffee has brought me back to the edge, you know we the cliffhangers have to always be on the edge of life. Before the coffee I was feeling like a regular dad/husband but now I feel much like my usual self, super dad !!

IMG 5590 - L'Atelier (Vanderkindere)


Alright, time to rate this restaurant.

The restaurant was very clean, the staff were very very receptive and always smiling.

Food preparation and serving were impecable very fast yet still very tasty and frech.

You guys get a straight 9 from us and our little princess enjoyed every minute at yours.

A big thank you to the beautiful people working at L’Atelier for making our Saturday breakfast worthwhile.

Another eventful morning with wandabits….more restaurant reviews to come..stay tuned..


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